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Do-everything tent works on land, air, and water

From tree house to stand up paddleboard

do-everything tent floating on water Photos courtesy of Tentsile

We love innovative and cool tents, whether it’s an inflatable version that sets up in minutes or luxury glamping tents prepped for vacation. The latest cool tent to catch our eye is the Tentsile Universe.

Tentsile is known for its portable tree tents—triangle-shaped tents that are part hammock and part tree house. But the Universe takes the standard tent and revamps it into a three-element, do-anything model.

On the ground, the Universe can sleep up to five people in what looks like a normal tent with generous sleeping space, storage vestibules, and ventilation. When covered, it provides almost six feet of headspace and three spacious porch areas perfect for shoes or gear. Hanging, the triangle tent can sleep three people, and in both modes it offers a rainfly for protection.

Where the Tentsile Universe stands out is that not only can you use it as a hammock tent, but also it works on water. You just roll back the vestibule doors, secure the rain fly, remove the insect mesh and voila—you’ve got a three-person SUP-style raft on water. The base uses an insulated, inflatable, three-inch PVC drop stitch floor for floatation, and the entire system can hold up to 880 pounds. It’s basically a treetop party at night and a water-ready hangout by day.

The Tentsile Universe is the brand’s priciest tent at $1,999, but the company also offers an array of other tree tents at lower prices.