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For $2,500 a month, you can gain access to 60,000 luxury trips around the world

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A new subscription service charges a flat monthly rate for high-end lodging and experiences

House with large pool
A villa in France.

For the price of a decent one-bedroom apartment in a major U.S. city, you could hop around the world from one luxury property to another. A new offering from travel company Inspirato called the Inspirato Pass grants members unlimited access to more than 60,000 homes, hotels, and “Inspirato Only experiences” worldwide for $2,500 a month, nightly fees and taxes not included.

It’s a lot of money, no doubt, but it’s a heckuva lot less than buying a night at these properties without the pass. Inspirato members can choose from five-star hotels and villas with concierge services including chateaus in Provence and high-end hotels in New York City.

Of course, the convenience comes with a catch. Members can only book a new property after they’ve checked out of the previous one. For significantly more money, members can hold two reservations at once ($5,000 per month) or three reservations ($7,500 per month).

The upside is that you can share memberships: It’s an additional $500 for a basic membership, $1,000 for a two-reservation membership, and $1,500 for a three-reservation membership to be able to share access with an approved list of people.

House with pool
A villa in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Large timber house in snow
A large chalet in Colorado.

So why does it this work? “All luxury offerings have the same problem,” Inspirato’s founder Brent Handler tells 5280. “Part of the time, they get great high rates, but much of the time, they sit empty.” Inspirato offers cheaper rates to travelers on behalf of the resorts, who can then rent out their vacant rooms.

Inspirato Pass, which was beta-tested in Colorado and the Bay Area, officially launched last week.