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Stylish stucco home is all curves and color

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A kitchen addition breathes new life into an old cottage

White stucco house with arched doors and windows Tash McCammon

Art Deco meets 2019 in this gorgeously on-trend home in Torrensville, Australia. Australian firm Sans-Arc Studio designed a stucco-clad addition that’s all curves and natural colors.

Residents enter the extension, called “Plaster Fun House,” from an arched doorway in the original cottage. Another arched door that leads to the backyard opens onto the addition’s kitchen, where a pink terrazzo breakfast bar cuts through the center of the room and stretches out into a large dining table.

Dining room with pink terrazzo counter Tash McCammon

A curved bench lines the wall, echoing the round ends of the kitchen island. The owners filled the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with plants, records, books, and kitschy glassware, giving the otherwise curated home a bit of personal charm.

Pink terrazzo counter Tash McCammon

The renovation included an update to the existing bathroom that now features ocean blue tiles and glowing globe sconces. The details carry over from the kitchen—blue backsplash, globe pendant light—which gives the project a stylish consistency.

According to Contemporist, the owners wanted the space to feel “curvy, colorful, and full of light.” We say, they hit the mark.