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Groovy kindergarten brightens up with colorful facade

School never looked so fun

White building with colorful window frames Quang Tran

Kindergarten is looking a whole lot better than it used to. From angular wooden huts in Sweden to courtyards that double as a rainwater collection splash pool, early education has taken a decidedly high-design turn in some parts of the world.

Take this new school in Ho Chi Minh City designed by local firm Kientruc O. The studio, which is behind another impressive kindergarten in the city, designed the TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten to look like a building-sized playhouse, complete with bright paint and whimsical, asymmetrical windows.

Children running in front of school Quang Tran

The facade of the five-story building is a jumble of shapes that center around a stretch of windows that swoop up into a mountain-like peak. Oddly shaped windows set in colorful frames dot the white exterior, making the school feel like it’s straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

”The windows are apertures that peer the view from inside to outside, stimulating emotion, imagination and curiosity, establishing a direct relationship between the kids playing inside and the living, ever-changing external environment,” the architects told Dezeen.

Inside, the school boasts high ceilings, clean white walls, and pale wood floors. The pink, purple, and orange that surround the windows filter softly into the rooms, giving each a playful glow.

Circle of chairs in classroom Quang Tran
Curved stairwell Quang Tran
Cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City Quang Tran