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Swanky 19th-century mansion yours for $2.25M

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This 12,000-square-foot St. Louis residence comes with plenty of history

Two-story stone mansion with centered entry path. Square One Media

Buyers of understated taste, look elsewhere. This stately mansion in St. Louis is an ornate relic of the 19th century, and it’s now available for $2.25 million.

Once used as a nightclub and speakeasy during the Prohibition era, the 12,000-square-foot stone-built manor has all the markings of a building with history. The house boasts striking coffered ceilings with crown molding, a Waterford Crystal chandelier dangling over the staircase, and the original speakeasy design—checkered floors and all—in the basement.

Entryway with dangling chandelier Square One Media

Ten-foot-wide hallways cut through all three levels of the house and act as the main artery between the eight bedrooms and host of living quarters including a wood-paneled study, formal living room, and a fancy dining room with silk cloth walls.

While the home is a sparkling example of age-old glamour, it does come with some modern touches including a second-floor theater, updated mechanical systems, and a backyard with a sprawling patio, pool, and spa facilities.

15 Portland Place is listed at $2,250,000.

Dining room with engraved ceiling Square One Media
Stairs leading to second floor Square One Media
Study with wood paneled walls Square One Media
Bedroom with fireplace Square One Media
Hallway with checkered floors Square One Media
Backyard featuring patio and pool Square One Media