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Tesla’s Semi truck reimagined as a luxury RV

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A next-level #vanlife concept

Rendering of white van with Tesla design. Vanlifer

Tesla ‘s electric semi truck is designed to make long-haul shipments more efficient and sustainable. But the #vanlife community has other plans for the Tesla Semi launching next year.

An intriguing post on the blog Vanlifer lays out a new use case for the $180,000 truck: a camper. While it’s not the first time we’ve seen a creative reimagining of a Tesla vehicle as a camper, it’s certainly the most ambitious.

Rendering showing layout of RV Vanlifer

Renderings show the front of a Tesla Semi with a double-height addition attached to the back chassis. The RV part of the conceptual camper will have enough room for a full kitchen, living space, and toilet.

The RV would take advantage of the Tesla Semi’s 500 mile range, which is an attractive proposition for wanderers used to dropping cash on low milage. There’s also the autopilot feature, which would make it far easier, and safer, to snap that vanlife selfie.

front of truck.
Tesla’s Semi truck design.