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Old boathouse renovated into dreamy seaside escape

All timber and glass

glassy top level of timber seaside home Cristobal Palma

When Guillermo Acuña decided to build himself a getaway on the remote Chilean archipelago of Chiloé, he did so with a perfect balance of rustic charm and modern touches.

Named Isla Lebe, the house is a series of three buildings, joined by raised wooden pathways that cut through the verdant landscape and protect the structures from high tides.

Airy room with timber ceiling Cristobal Palma

The main house is built from a refurbished boathouse to which Acuña added an extra floor. A large, trapezoidal staircase leads up to an entrance, which opens onto an airy space. The staircase also serves as seating for taking in the shimmering seaside views.

The ground floor, where boats used to be stored, is now a kitchen and dining room where the walls, ceiling, and floor have been painted a bold shade of red. Upstairs, Acuña kept natural wood, but fashioned the bedrooms into angular spaces filled with cozy nooks.

Timber house with red roof Cristobal Palma