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Cult-favorite Buffy comforter is 30 percent off today on Amazon

Buffy is fluffy and it’s also on sale for the next 13 hours

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The Buffy Cloud Comforter starts $84 today on Amazon.

As you may have heard, Amazon Prime Day, the e-commerce giant’s annual summer mega-sale, is coming up next week—and “early deals” have already started dropping. A very exciting one today? Get over 30 percent off the original Cloud Comforter from eco-conscious direct-to-consumer bedding brand Buffy.

Launched in late 2017, Buffy has built a following with its super soft and lightweight Cloud Comforter, which uses eucalyptus fibers for its outer shell and fibers from recycled plastic bottles for its inner shell. (This past April, Buffy introduced a new Breeze Comforter that goes all-eucalyptus for a premium.)

I had the opportunity to try a sample Buffy comforter last year and have been a fan since. It stayed toasty throughout the colder months despite its soft, fluffy composition, and it’s this magical cloud-like factor that keeps me clinging on.

A few weeks ago, I stayed at a hotel while traveling and was surprised to realize that, oh right, some comforters are still bulky and coarse. I used to enjoy the sense of security that comes with heavy hotel comforters (weighted blankets, anyone?), but this time around, I found myself missing my fluffy Buffy at home.

Alyssa Nassner, Curbed’s lead designer, is similarly smitten.

“I got a Buffy as a gift this winter and it’s turned my bed into a plush, fluffy oasis. It’s so soft! My old comforter feels like a shred of paper in comparison,” she says.

If you’re in the market for new bedding, the current Prime Day early deal, running until 11:55 p.m. PT today, is a good chance to try this lighter comforter for the summer and beyond.