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Lego’s new ‘Friends’ set lets you build your own Central Perk

More than 1,000 pieces dedicated to the iconic TV coffee shop

A Lego model of the coffee shop in Friends, featuring an orange sofa. Lego

Friends was a show of outsized real estate dreams. A rent-controlled two-bedroom apartment in the West Village for $200 a month? Only on television. Lego is now dedicating an entire set to another Friends-related architectural moment—Central Perk.

In celebration of the TV show’s 25th anniversary, Lego is selling a 1,070-piece set that lets fans reconstruct the iconic Central Park coffee shop. The details are accounted for, down to the orange couch and flowers in a vase. The set includes all of the characters (yes, Rachel has great plastic hair), plus little details like 15 coffee cups, a newspaper, plastic bagels, and a “reserved” sign. In a nod to the shop’s TV reality, there are also two lights overhead that light the entire “set.”

Man behind the counter in a Lego coffee shop. Lego
Lego people sitting on an orange Lego couch. Lego

Like most of its hyper-specific collections, Lego is aiming for its Friends set to speak to a particular group of people who care about a particular point in time. If that’s you, you can snatch up the box starting September 1 for $60, or just over a quarter of Rachel and Monica’s rent.