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Pretty pink home is custom-designed for Instagram

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The conceptual Sonora House is too pretty to be true

Rendering of a pink and yellow house with white trim. Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan

This colorful home is too pretty to be true—and we mean that quite literally. It took us a moment to realize this candy-colored house is a masterful rendering, and not the world’s most Instagram-worthy home.

A rendering of pink and yellow house with cacti and white windows. Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan

Designed by Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan, the Sonora House was a project originally commissioned by a young family in Mexico who wanted a bold house with classic geometries. According to Designboom, the project was suspended halfway through the design phase, but the Jilavyans decided to finish the rendering all the same.

We’re glad they did. The Sonora House is a study in color, texture, and shape. Its blocky facade is almost Dr. Seussian in form, with asymmetrical windows, random cut-outs, and lots of pink and yellow next to bright green cacti and perfectly landscaped rocks (that should have been a hint).

Rendering of front porch of pink and white home. Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan

The house is perfectly calibrated for today’s Instagram generation—believable enough to pass for real, but aspirational enough to make us look twice.