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A collection of three television sets flickering through channels of famous television shows, including ‘I love Lucy’, ‘The Jetsons’, ‘Friends’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’. They’re surrounded by household decorative items like plants and a lava lamp.

The TV issue

The homes we see on TV are mirrors of—and inspirations for—our own

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The shows we’ve lived by

From classic sitcoms to ’80s excess, a timeline of the most influential homes on TV.

I watched a full day of HGTV

I was drained, but still had 15 tabs open looking at faucets and tile options and flights to Aruba.

How the television transformed our homes

TV’s entry into our living spaces began a nationwide conversation about where the sets should go and how they should look

The pure joy of HGTV’s ‘My Lottery Dream Home’

This is the house-hunting show we need right now.

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The Big Little Lie of the TV kitchen island

The women of the HBO series should lose their spectacular, high-maintenance houses.

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Why we’re obsessed with the TV teen bedroom

"The teen bedroom has become such an iconic design because growing up, that is one of the only things you have control over."

Ever since television entered the home, TV and interior design have been linked. That’s true whether we’re debating where to put televisions in our living rooms or examining the sets of the shows we watch. The houses and apartments we see on TV are instructive, inspirational, aspirational—and sometimes just fun to dissect and discuss.

In Curbed’s first-ever TV issue, we look at the ways TV has influenced the interiors of our homes, from the marketing of a replica I Love Lucy bedroom set in the 1950s to the sale of Dynasty housewares in the 1980s. We also explore the legacy of This Old House and the most memorable teen bedrooms on television. And no venture into design TV would be complete, of course, without a thorough analysis of HGTV, whether we’re loving it, watching a little too much of it, or wishing it better represented the way people actually live.

We’d love to hear from you: What are you watching right now that’s changing the way you think about where you live? Which iconic TV rooms influenced your own decor? We also have a few design show recommendations of our own, and—stay tuned—we’ll be back with more throughout August. —Sara Polsky

Writers: Sarah Archer, Ali Barthwell, Ilana Kaplan, Alexandra Lange, Joanna Scutts
Editor: Sara Polsky
Art Direction: Alyssa Nassner
Illustrations: Sunny Eckerle
Photos: Vivienne Gucwa
Copy Editor: Emma Alpern
Engagement: Jessica Gatdula, Stephanie Griffin, Sharell Jeffrey
Special Thanks: Mariam Aldhahi, Kelsey Keith, Jenny Xie