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World’s largest rooftop urban farm to open in Paris next year

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150,000 square feet of fruit and vegetables

Rendering of a rooftop farm with rows of crops. Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN

New York City’s Brooklyn Grange is one of the largest urban farms in the world. With 65,000 square feet of warehouse rooftop dedicated to growing all sorts of produce, it’s an impressive operation that produces thousands of pounds of food every year. Still, even with all that space, it’s a micro farm compared to what’s popping up in Paris.

Next year, French company Agripolis is opening a 150,000-square-foot urban farm in Paris, where, according to The Guardian, it will grow more than 2,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables every day during high season. The farm is located in the 15th arrondissement, where it will occupy the rooftop of a sprawling entertainment complex that’s currently undergoing renovations.

Rendering of people standing next to farm Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN
Farm on rooftop Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN

The farm will be home to more than 30 different species of plants that will grow vertically with aeroponic farming, a method that uses nutrient-filled mist to nourish the produce. Local residents will be able to secure plots of land, effectively turning the garden into a community space. “Our vision is a city in which flat roofs and abandoned surfaces are covered with these new growing systems,” Pascal Hardy, head of Agripolis told The Guardian.

The farm is set to open in spring of 2020. Until then, feast your eyes on some of our other favorite urban farms.