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This year’s Burning Man will feature a Finnish sauna

A pop-up charred timber donut filled with steam

Rendering of sauna in desert. JKMM

For one week a year, Burning Man transforms a stretch of dusty desert in remote Nevada into a bustling makeshift city that’s home to 70,000 some odd revelers, complete with transportation, a city plan, and lots of whacky architecture.

This year, architects at JKMM and the Sauna on Fire collective have designed a pavilion for the art festival, and it’s exactly what everybody wants in a desert in the middle of summer—a piping hot Finnish sauna.

Steam of Life is a fully usable sauna built in Finnish style and will be constructed by attendees over the course of the festival. The timber structure is shaped like a donut (Apple employees should feel right at home), its curving scheme designed to offer guests a gentle transition from the bright and arid outdoor conditions to the refreshing environment inside.

In Sauna On Fire’s concept presentation, it laid out some ground rules for visitors who wish to spend time in the circular sauna. The banned list of topics and behaviors include: EDM, orgies, booze, parties, and cult recruitment. You are, however, allowed to sweat.

Sketch of circular sauna. JKMM
Rendering of human walking through steam inside the sauna. JKMM

Burning Man 2019 runs from August 25 through September 2. Stay tuned for more impressive pop-up art and architecture from the festival.