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Sick of white sheets? Buffy now offers eco-friendly colored bedding

Three sheet sets dyed with natural botanicals

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Pink and gray sheets Buffy

What good is a natural comforter if you’re wrapping yourself in itchy, synthetic sheets? That’s the thinking behind Buffy’s new line naturally-dyed sheets. The all-natural bedding company has made a set of white eucalyptus-fiber sheets in the past, and now it’s launching a line of sheets that will bring a touch of color to your bedroom with much less environmental impact.

Dying textiles is a notoriously dirty process. It’s an energy suck that requires massive amounts of water and its lasting environmental footprint is one of the most toxic in the world. Buffy attempts to counteract the traditional dye process with something it describes as ultrasonic dying, a technique in which sound waves are used to penetrate the surface molecules of fibers. The energy-efficient method eliminates the need for artificial chemicals and binders.

Buffy’s new line comes in three millennial-friendly neutrals dyed with natural ingredients. The company is launching with a light and dark gray made with pomegranate, eucalyptus, and tea, and a blush made with turmeric, gardenia, and walnut. Later this fall, Buffy will offer light blue and indigo sets too (made with indigo, safflower, and rose.)

The sheet sets start at $175 and include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillow cases. If you’re into the monochromatic look, Buffy will also offer its duvet cover in the three color options.