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Geodesic dome renovated into dream modern cabin

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It’s a dramatic transformation

Geodesic dome home surrounded by greenery and a lake. Lisa Vollmer

It’s probably not exactly what Buckminster Fuller had in mind when he first designed the geodesic dome, but this house in Massachusetts’ Berkshires mountains is a gorgeously modern ode to the designer’s iconic architectural form.

Interior designer Jess Cooney overhauled the domed lake house for a couple from Boston, transforming the dark wood-paneled interior into a light and airy abode. Cooney stripped the carpet from the floors and gave the vacation home modern touches like a sleek gas fireplace, a brand new kitchen, and bathrooms built around colorful tiles.

Domed living room with a gray sofa, fireplace, and round dining table with chairs, in front of triangular windows. Lisa Vollmer
Living room with a gray couch and wooden coffee table in front of triangular windows. Lisa Vollmer

The heart of the house is the main floor, where a vaulted ceiling turns the home’s faceted roof and windows into a centerpiece. The first floor has an open layout for the kitchen, living room, and dining area; there’s also a guest bedroom tucked away for privacy. Up a spiral staircase, the lofted master bedroom has unobstructed views to the ground floor and triangular windows thanks to a clever railing that incorporates glass panels.

Below, take a closer look around, including a few photos of the home before the renovation.

A modern kitchen with white counters and blue cabinets  is under high ceilings and next to a metal spiral staircase. Lisa Vollmer
Lofted bedroom in a dome home. Lisa Vollmer
Modern bathroom with white sink, brass fixtures, and a nearby shower lined with forest green tiles. Lisa Vollmer
An interior view of a geodesic dome home pre-renovation, featuring carpeted floors and timber-paneled walls. Courtesy Jess Cooney
Wood panels cover the kitchen, which also features older appliances, tracked lighting, and tan tiles. Courtesy Jess Cooney