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Stacked modern house embraces lake views

A retreat from the city

House made of stacked boxes on rocky hill. Benjamin Hosking

Perched on top of a rocky hill overlooking a lake, the aptly named Lakehouse is a retreat from the bustling Indian city of Hyderabad. Collective Project designed the home to feel like a fortress from the front with a granite facade. But from the back, the home is clad in timber and glass, allowing it to open up to the lake.

”From the road, the building appears solid and heavy, concealing the panoramic view with a lush landscape that is foreign to the hot and dry climate of the city,” Collective Project told Dezeen.

Exterior of a boxy house clad in granite. A large tree provides shade on one side. Benjamin Hosking

Instead of leveling the terrain, the architects propped up the house on a slightly elevated steel structure. This created the effect of a stack of hard-edged cubes sitting atop jagged, uneven land.

An open living room features two armchairs, an expansive coffee table, and glass walls opening onto a terrace with lake views. Benjamin Hosking

Inside, the house merges the disparate cubes together, creating rooms that stretch wide and tall. The ground floor includes the main living space plus a guest bedroom, both getting cinematic light.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is its own cube with tiber-wrapped walls and ceilings, plus wall-to-wall windows. Finally, the house opens onto a timber deck with a pool where swimmers get a gorgeous view of the lake below.

House with polished concrete floors and large windows. Benjamin Hosking
Pool and wood deck overlooking lake. Benjamin Hosking