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You can own a miniature replica of the Glass House for $1,550

A shrunken 3D-printed tribute to Philip Johnson’s masterpiece

3D-printed replica of Glass House on a table. Courtesy Chisel & Mouse

Philip Johnson’s Glass House is the ultimate composition of glass, brick, and steel stretching 55 by 33 feet. Now, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the famed residence, you can buy your own version of the modernist gem in New Canaan, Connecticut—and it’s small enough to fit on a desk.

Architectural miniatures company, Chisel & Mouse, whose previous works include mini Bauhaus buildings, made a replica of Johnson’s iconic design, and like its other mini buildings, this one is a loyal reproduction of the original architecture, with the same proportions only, you know, much smaller. The 13-by-9.5-inch building is 3D-printed and finished in plaster.

Glass House replica under acrylic box. Courtesy Chisel & Mouse

Inside, the mini replica includes only kitchen cabinets, a bed, and the famed cylindrical structure that houses the bathroom. The house appropriately sits inside its own acrylic house of sorts, which ensures the $1,550 reproduction stays as pristinely preserved as the original.

Photo of glass one-story house surrounded by foliage.
Johnson’s Glass House
Courtesy Chisel & Mouse