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Is this tricked out camper van worth $328K?

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What’s silver, white, and green all over?

The rear of a Mercedes camper van features open doors with striped green window coverings, a bed shelf, and green storage boxes underneath. Photos courtesy of Advanced RV

Camper vans are an investment—both in time and money. Of course, there are ways to keep costs more reasonable, whether by buying a more affordable van or converting it yourself. But then there are the splurge vehicles, the vans that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with a seemingly limitless list of upgrades. Love camper vans? Come join our community group!

We’ve covered some of these luxury vans on Curbed in the past (like this tricked out four-wheel-drive Sprinter that can power an e-bike), but even the most expensive vans have topped out around $250,000. When RVs cost more than that, you’re usually looking at a giant Class A or a burly expedition vehicle.

Today’s camper van, however, is a $328,000 Mercedes Sprinter from Ohio-based Advanced RV. The 2019 van—called the Baja—is on a 170-inch wheelbase and foregoes the traditional RV “look” in favor of a bright green and silver palette. The green is ubiquitous; you can find it on the upper storage cabinets, in the galley kitchen, on one wall, and on furniture.

A rear sofa works for movie watching on a 24-inch smart TV, and then at night it folds down electrically into a double bed. A kitchen boasts a microwave, a large fridge, and a long stainless steel counter that folds out to create an L-shaped dining area. A few hundred thousand dollars also gets you a wet bathroom with a small sink, shower, and toilet.

Beyond these amenities, an 800Ah lithium-ion battery provides power while off-the-grid, and a touchscreen command system in the front cabin allows you to control everything with the touch of a button. Throw in the ambient lighting, on-demand hot water, air conditioner, upgraded suspension, and security system and you have a tricked out van, to be sure. But is it worth $328,000?

To some, perhaps, but it’s hard to see where the extra cash has gone, especially when it’s almost $100,000 more than luxury vans from competitors like Outside Van. And it seems guaranteed that the camper’s lime green interiors will be a deterrent to some customers. New Atlas reports that if these factors make the van unsellable, Advanced RV has plans to add it to its rental fleet.

Even with a base van that costs over $60,000, the Baja prompts the question: How much more expensive can converted camper vans get? If this neon camper is any indication, it looks like we haven’t seen the limits of #VanLife price tags, quite yet.

The inside of a Mercedes Sprinter camper van with a black bench seat, striped green and white pillows, and green upper cabinets.
The inside of the camper van has green cabinets and walls, a large TV, and a small galley kitchen with stainless steel counters.
A view into the camper’s all-white bathroom with a small sink and LED lighting.
Green cabinets feature a recessed microwave with a stainless steel fridge, all across from a stainless steel sink.
The camper’s bathroom includes a white toilet, white walls, and a bamboo covering on the floor.
The upper cabin of the camper van features two black cabin seats, a large front window, and a black and green front console.