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All-black tiny home is powered by solar panels

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A picture-perfect 150 square feet

All-black tiny house on wheels featuring pitched roof and glass doors sits on grass. Trees are in the background. Rachel Jayne Mackay/Fresh Prince

Behold this perfectly on-trend tiny home getaway, outfitted in simple but still design-forward style throughout. Designed by Australian studio Fresh Prince (no relation to Will Smith), the 150-square-foot Barrington Tops cabin is perched on a mobile chassis , but it stays mostly stationary along the banks of a lake in New South Wales, Australia.

The house is clad in black Weathertex, a material made from timber byproduct, and is powered by solar panels. Inside, the compact home embraces minimal Scandi style with pale wood, black accents, clean lines, and smart details.

Interior view of a tiny house featuring pale wood walls, ceilings, floors, and built-in platform bed. There are black accents throughout including pendant lamps, rims on two picture windows, and the kitchenette. Rachel Jayne Mackay/Fresh Prince
Compact shower in one corner of the tiny house featuring copper and brass fixtures and two rectangular windows. Rachel Jayne Mackay/Fresh Prince

The platform bed is stashed next two large picture windows and comes with a built-in headboard ledge and storage underneath. The living area also includes a kitchenette, tiny dining area, and a bathroom with copper and brass fixtures.

If you happen to be in the area, the cabin is available to book, starting at $200 a night.

A small round pale wood table with two matching stools sits in one corner. An opening to the left leads into the bathroom and shower. Rachel Jayne Mackay/Fresh Prince
A pitch-roofed black cabin features one large picture window. The house has solar panels on one side of the roof. A forest is in the background. Rachel Jayne MacKay/Fresh Prince