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These clever flatpack planters make watering plants easy

Inspired by origami, made from recycled plastic

Folded plastic planters on a window sill hold cacti and leafy plants. Potr

Flatpack design has revolutionized the way we buy sofas, beds, and houses. Now you can add planters to the list. A new design called Potr from a duo of engineers is the flatpack generation’s answer to plant health.

The planter arrives in the mail as a piece of origami made from recycled plastic. Pull a cotton drawstring around the lip of the pot, and the pot folds into multi-faceted shape, pulling up around the base of a plant.

A variety of folded plastic planters with houseplants inside. Potr

Once the planter is assembled, one end of the wicking string dips into a shallow bath of water at the bottom of the pot, while the other is submerged in the soil. The plant will automatically drink up the water through the cotton cord when it gets thirsty, and owners can monitor when it’s time to add more water through the translucent material.

An animated image shows a person pulling on an orange drawstring, which makes the plastic sheet fold into a planter shape. Potr
An animated image of a person pouring water into the folded plastic planter holding a potted cactus inside. Potr

The clever design is now raising money on Kickstarter, though it’s fair to say this is more of a preorder system since the project already blew past its small goal of $736. You can snag a small Potr for around $9 and large one for around $12.