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Wear your favorite famous buildings with these fun enamel pins

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Too cute

A rectangular enamel pin depicting the Eames House facade made up of glass panels, some of various colors like blue and red. Drop-a-Pin

If you can’t make it to some of the world’s most famous buildings IRL, the next best thing is to take them with you. Drop-a-Pin is a new project that reimagines famous buildings as enamel pins.

Started by a husband-wife duo of an architect and graphic designer, the pins were a way to commemorate their five years of traveling to document famous buildings around the world.

The pins are adorable miniatures of some of architecture’s most revered buildings, including the Eames House in Los Angeles, Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, and William Pereira’s Geisel Library in San Diego, There’s also a “Less is More” pin for all the Mies van der Rohe fans out there.

Despite their compact size, the pins don’t skimp on details (just look at the colored panels on the Eames House), which make them an impressive homage to some very complex buildings. You can pick up a pin, or three, on Indiegogo or just ogle them on Drop-a-Pin’s Instagram.

An enamel pin depicting a white modernist house featuring two floors and a rooftop structure. The first level has columns while the second has a ribbon of windows.
Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye.
An enamel pin showing the Geisel Library, which is made up of a series of concrete trusses that hold up glass volumes.
William Pereira’s Geisel Library.
An enamel pin of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, whose facade features a series of large, irregularly shaped steel pieces resembling sails.
Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.