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Marvelous ‘megaliths’ rise from ruins in new teamLab show

The Japanese art collective uses projection mapping to create otherworldly experiences

Yellow columns glowing in a dark bathhouse ruins. teamLab

TeamLab, the Japanese studio known for its eye-popping interactive new art exhibitions, is back with another one filled with glowing photo ops. This time, the group transformed Mifuneyama Rakuen Park on the Japanese island of Kyushu into an illuminated forest of objects poetically called “Megaliths In the Bath House Ruins.”

The new show, which accompanies two other installations for the exhibition “A Forest Where Gods Live, Ruins and Heritage—The Nature of Time,” comprises column-like structures that appear to burst out of the abandoned bath house’s floor like pieces of kryptonite. A very teamLab-esque pattern of woozy colors and shapes fill the volumes but nothing else in the room thanks to precision projection mapping technology.

Kids standing next to blue columns teamLab
Woman standing next to glowing column teamLab

The patterns—a melty array of water droplets, budding blooms, and wilted flowers—react to motion and transform without any pre programmed behavior. “Every moment is unique and can never be seen again,’ the artists explain.

The result is distinctly teamLab, which is to say colorful, entrancing and totally Instagrammable.

The show is running through November 4.