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Customizable furniture brand The Inside wants to sell you your dream sofa

The company’s new sofa line includes six styles and over 100 fabric options

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Pink floral-patterned sofa in a living room, next to matching pillow, and yellow-and-white striped ottoman. The Inside

Finding the right sofa is a job not even the most enlightened among us can do without a few minor headaches. The options are paralyzingly endless: Do you go modern or classic? Solid or patterned?

There are more choices than ever, and for that you can thank retailers, who’ve gotten smart about the power of customization. The Inside, an online retailer whose tagline promises to take homes “beyond the beige,” is the latest e-commerce brand to let buyers personalize their couch.

Two black-and-white striped sofas facing each other. An all-white built-in bookshelf in the background. The Inside

The company’s first line of sofas are hyper customizable, with six models and more than 100 fabrics to choose from. Customers can select from sectionals, slipcovers, midcentury styles, and more, and then customize the piece with vibrant patterns or simple solids.

Green sectional sofa, a gray armchair, and gray-and-white striped ottoman sit in a room with coral built-in shelves. The Inside

For this launch, the Inside partnered with a handful of design “influencers” who designed a series of special fabrics, including a floral pattern from French fashion designer Claire V, a gilded pinstripe from SF Girl by Bay, and a geometric pattern from Refinery29’s Christene Barberich. Because customization is customization, you can always just choose a plain old gray too.

Base prices for the sofas start at $1,600 for a two-seater and go up to $3,000 for a slipcover sectional.

Striped slipcover sofas in a room with white built-in bookshelves. The Inside
Beige sofa in a room with blue walls, and horizontal mirror. The Inside