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Kanye West’s ‘Star Wars’-inspired dome home prototypes get the wrecking ball

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Three prefab home prototypes have been demolished, with one more slated to come down by September 15

A series of desert dome homes in Tunisia.
Dome homes in the abandoned sets for filming Star Wars in Tunisia.

Last year, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce the launch of Yeezy Home, the architecture and real development arm of the hip-hop artist’s bourgeoning design empire.

West, ever the visionary, made good on that promise this summer when he showed off a prototype for his prefab home designed to house the low-income and homeless populations. But the domed designs—inspired by desert homes on the fictional Star Wars planet of Tatooine—were soon in trouble.

As first reported by TMZ in August, West’s neighbors in Calabasas, California, complained enough about the noise coming from the his 300-acre property that inspectors from the L.A. County Department of Public Works showed up to check out the site.

They didn’t like what they found. The inspectors apparently told West that he needed to secure a building permit by September 15, otherwise his four domed prefab designs will be demolished. Though Los Angeles allows for temporary structures to be built without a permit, West’s were deemed too permanent to qualify as prototypes.

According to the latest TMZ report, complete with new aerial imagery, three of the four structures have been razed, leaving just one smaller build that is also anticipated to come down before the original deadline.

The demolition is a setback for West for sure. But at the same time, “too permanent”? That’s kind of a vote of confidence.