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The perfect puff pieces to buy for your home

Add a hug to your house

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A light-filled living room features a bright yellow sofa, midcentury modern white and gold coffee table, and navy blue armchair.
Crate & Barrel’s new Kirby Deep Cushion Sofa ($1,499) is a squat, squishy, and very yellow take on modern seating.
Crate and Barrel

Contemporary furniture stores are packed with boxy sofas and a mass of midcentury modern lookalikes. But as Curbed’s Diana Budds explains in a recent story, a growing number of designs are opting for a different silhouette.

Instead of sharp-angled glass tables or spindled legs, more designers are turning to rounder shapes, softer lines, and squat proportions. Stuff, Budds writes, that is “cute.”

The design world hasn’t always embraced cuteness, preferring to value the seriousness of sophisticated, high-brow art over whimsical forms that embrace humor and comfort. Budd believes that cute furniture may be a response to increasing anxiety over politics, economics, and culture—her deep dive is a must-read for design lovers.

But huggable, chunky decor is also just plain fun. We’ve rounded up a few products below that can help you capture the look in your own home.