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Brazil home blends modern and midcentury in a whole new way

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Facade of a house with timber brise-soleils and a blue pool. Leonardo Finotti

Brazil is a land of indoor-outdoor living. The country’s architects know a thing or two about how to open a space to the elements without sacrificing style and privacy. Bernardes Arquitetura recently completed the Poa House in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and it’s a gorgeously designed example of the style.

Living room with slanted timber ceiling, smooth gray walls, and wooden floors. Leonardo Finotti

The 7,104-square-foot house features a single statement staircase that cuts through all three levels. The lower level houses the exercise room and office; the top floor is home to a large master suite; while the first floor is the centerpiece, with an expansive living room with walls that fully open onto the garden.

The living room opens onto garden adjacent to a large central staircase. Leonardo Finotti

The architects designed the house with modern features (concrete walls, sparkling blue pool, sleek furniture), but included a touch of midcentury charm, which can be found in the home’s slanted, wood-beam ceiling and streamlined frame. The facade, too, is all about concrete and timber with smooth gray walls interrupted by wood brise-soleils that filter perfect shadows onto inside of the house.

A modern wood and black kitchen with a slanted timber roof. Leonardo Finotti
The exterior concrete facade of the house and pool. Leonardo Finotti