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Bloomscape’s new plant bundles make it easy to fill your home with greenery

Looking for a few low-maintenance plants that look good together? It’s your lucky day

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Dog sitting next to three potted plants.
The Fur Friendly collection.

Buying plants is easier than ever, but deciding which plants to buy is a whole other consideration. Online plant store Bloomscape has a solution for your indecision in the form of Collections, its selection of curated plant sets that will look good and grow well together.

For $65 you can choose from five sets of three plants, each with its own theme and similar care needs. For high drama and low-maintenance, there’s the “Happy Trails” collection, which includes three low-light plants with trailing vines. For people who crave color, the “Dark Hearts” collection includes three plants with purple and burgundy leaves.

The “Fur Friendly” collection includes “pet safe” plants in case you’ve got a pet that likes to nibble. The “Fern Friends” collection is, yes, a set of three ferns, and the “Tough Stuff” collection plants are custom selected for the black thumbs among us (ie. they require little light or water).

A person holds plants in terracotta pots in each hand, while another one is placed on a white chair.
The Tough Stuff collection.
A woman holds a plant in her left hand, while a man holds a plant in each hand.
The Fern Friends collection.
Man holds three potted plants, one in each hand and another tucked under his arm.
The Dark Hearts collection.

The plants come in four-inch pots in your choice of white, brown, or terracotta. The size is small, which means they aren’t going to be a centerpiece or transform a room. But for people who don’t want to trek to the plant store, or just don’t have an eye for artfully arranging plants at home, this new service can’t be convenient enough.

Woman standing on stools, one of which holds a potted plant.
The Happy Trails Collection.