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Colorful cabin artfully mixes old and new

This 1970s house wears its renovation well

Colorful house in the countryside features sloped roof with red accents and two circular windows. Jose Hevia

Is it modern? Is it rustic? This country home in Cercedilla, Spain, is a little bit of both, with a lot of color thrown in for good measure.

Spanish architects Lys Villalba and Enrique Espinosa renovated and expanded a 1970s cabin into a bright home that retains some of its country charm while updating the mechanical system and giving the whole place a new coat of paint in the most literal sense.

Vaulted wooden ceilings peak above brick walls painted in yellow with green trimming. Three large square window s look out into the countryside. Jose Hevia

The formerly stone and wood clad house now features a facade of mixed materials. Its previous life shines through in patches of timber and rough stone that are sandwiched between the newer sections of the house, which are clad in a muted ceramic material. Circular windows with frames painted a robins egg blue create a colorful portal from the outside.

Windows, which feature yellow built-in benches underneath, open to the countryside.  Jose Hevia

Under vaulted ceilings inside, the walls, once stone, now feature brick painted in white and neon yellow with aquamarine accents. According to Designboom, the architects aimed to reuse all of the materials from the renovation, which led to a dining table constructed from four ceiling beams, doors made from the previous red shutters, and eventually, facade elements made from slate found on the old roof.

A collage of two images: The exterior features low-slung roof profile with stone facade elements, and the interior view features yellow walls with blue-green trimming. Jose Hevia