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True crime meets home renovation in new TV show

Murder House Flip is—terrifyingly—exactly what it sounds like

A dilapidated colonial-style white house in the colonial style sits in a woodland setting with lots of dead trees. Shutterstock

There’s something about home renovations that make for good TV. Maybe it’s the messy process that is tearing apart a home and putting it back together again. Maybe it’s the Cinderella story nature of it all.

In the case of a new TV show called Murder Home Flip, the name says it all—you’ll get a home renovation saga and a true crime tale in one tidy clickbait package. The show, slated to air on the upcoming streaming service Quibi next April, comes from producers of CSI and Penny Dreadful. Its premise seems to have been developed by an algorithm optimized for maximum couch potato-ness.

According to the showmakers, the series will convene forensic experts, renovation designers, and spiritual healers to transform homes that are notorious for some truly harrowing crimes. Naturally, we have lots of questions. Which murder homes will get the makeover treatment? How nice should a murder home be? Most importantly, who’s going to want to live in one?

You can tune in April to find out.