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New millennial-friendly kitchen brand is a one-stop shop for home cooking

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Each purchase comes with a “cooking coach”

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Man chopping vegetables on wooden board. A black pot and prep bowl sit nearby. Equal Parts

In a world that rewards simplification and efficiency, the kitchen is the one place where it’s okay for things to get a little messy. Sure, you can streamline your cooking with pre-prepped food and all-in-one tools, but what’s the fun in that?

A new brand called Equal Parts is looking to bridge the gap between our insatiable desire for efficiency and the joys of slowing down and cooking a meal with its new line of kitchenware. Like other millennial-friendly direct-to-consumer kitchen brands, Equal Parts is built on the idea of giving home cooks exactly what they need in a tidy, simple, stylish package.

Collage of black cookware and a wooden cutting board. Equal Parts

The kitchen tools come in four curated sets: Your Complete Kitchen Kit ($575) has one of everything you need to stock an empty kitchen, from pots and pans to prep bowls to a cutting board that doubles as a serving platter. The Simple Kitchen set ($325) is a pared back version of Equal Parts’ biggest kit, with only a small pot and pan. The Stovetop Set ($349) includes a a big and small pan and a big and small pot. The Prep Set ($249) is essentially the Simple Kitchen minus the pots and pans, but adding measuring cups, a knife, bowls, and more—or you can just snag the knife for $79.

Equal Parts is also launching with a “coaching” component. Each order will come with eight weeks of text-based guidance from a cooking coach, who’ll regularly send you meal inspiration and answer your questions about what to cook and when, how to sauté, chop, and braise, and any nitty gritty inquiries that might come up in the process. The coaching service merely expires after eight weeks (the feature is not offered as a subscription), which shows how optimistic the brand is about helping you build a home cooking habit in just a few months.

Woman dishing food out of pan. Equal Parts