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These tiny backyard studios can be used for anything you want

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EscapeSpace comes fully built and ready to use

A small boxy dwelling sits on a grassy plot. It is clad in black and natural wood, with a small covered porch and sliding glass doors to the inside.
The Studio.

Tiny home purveyor Escape is known for its handsome range of tiny houses on wheels. After venturing into everything from a tiny house rental program to a getaway tiny house village to a shipping container model, the company is going back to basics and introducing a line of versatile tiny dwellings.

EscapeSpace is meant to be a low-fuss alternative for people looking for a little extra room, whether to use an accessory dwelling unit for additional housing, yoga studio, writing nook, home office, or anything else. The timber-clad sheds come in three one-room models—the “Studio” is boxy and flat-roofed; the Japanese-inspired “Ma” is slant-roofed with lots of glass; the “Classic” looks more like a classic pitch-roofed tiny house.

All of the studios come in two main sizes (8 by 8 feet or 8 by 16 feet), but they can be customized and outfitted with details like plumbing, built-in furniture, and special lighting. The sheds are designed for maximum convenience: A truck drops them off fully built at the location of your choice.

Base prices for the sheds start at $12,000 and go up to around $16,000. If you’re looking to be mobile, it’s also possible to get a model with wheels.

Interior of a small dwelling with glass walls, light wood floors, and white walls. A long rectangular window is in the rear wall.
Interior of the Studio.
A boxy small dwelling with large glass windows.
A version of the Studio with more glass.
A small dwelling with slanted roof, charred siding, and sliding glass doors.
The Ma.
A wooden shed interior with glass doors and clerestory windows.
Interior of the Ma.
A small pitch-roofed house with a small porch, door, and two windows.
The Classic.
Inside of a pitched roof small dwelling with large windows on all sides. There is a built-in bed and bench.
Interior of the Classic.