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The ‘Downton Abbey’ castle is opening up to superfans for a one-night stay

Two lucky guests will get a tour of the grounds and a private chamber

A castle sits on green lawn. Airbnb

The fictional home to the ladies and lords of Downton Abbey is, in fact, a very real and functioning castle—one you can tour and now, maybe even sleep over at. England’s Highclere Castle, the 100,000-square-foot abode used in the show and the current residence of the 8th Earl Carnarvon and the Countess of Carnarvon, is opening up to two guests for a one-night stay for the first time, in honor of the Downton Abbey movie hitting theaters this weekend.

The listing for the Airbnb details the stay, which will happen on November 26. After arriving at the castle, guests will enjoy cocktails in the saloon with the Earl and Countess. Dinner will be served in the State Dining Room, where a butler will be at the guests’ service. Then it’s coffee in the library before guests are guided to their chamber. Lovely.

Originally built in 1679 as the more modest Highclere Place House, the estate got a major upgrade in 1842 with a renovation overseen by Charles Barry, the architect behind the British Parliament House. Barry transformed Highclere Castle into a stately behemoth of a home with 300 ornately decorated rooms that harken back to the building’s history. The grounds include more than 1,000 acres of land, which you’d be able to explore as the guest.

A butler stands near a window in a room with red walls and period furniture. Airbnb

Reservation for the one-night-only experience opens on October 1 at 12 p.m. BST. The rate is $159—modest considering the scale of the experience—but surely competition will be fierce and you’ll need luck on your side, along with a verified Airbnb profile, positive reviews, and proven passion for Downton Abbey.

A man walks up a staircase next to large windows. Airbnb
A man walks in a library with a wall of books, and pink chairs and curtains. Airbnb