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Build your own miniature city with these adorable paper kits

Pop, fold, and glue

Paper buildings arranged into a neighborhood. A paper path with a train car runs nearby. Cardkit

Who needs hyper-realistic renderings, when you can building an entire 3D city out of paper? That’s the thinking behind Cardkit, a delightfully analog toy from designer Anther Kiley that lets people construct elaborate worlds out of foldable pieces of paper.

Kiley designed a series of kits that fold into detailed miniature neighborhood-scapes, like a a pop-up book brought to life. The pieces come as pre-cut cardstock objects that can be popped out and folded along dotted lines. A little bit of white glue holds the miniatures together.

Flat packages of foldable paper. Cardkit

Cardkits is launching with a handful of kits that include cars, houses, trees, trains, furniture, and an adorably strange array of fish figures. The kits are meant to be mixed, matched, and accumulated until you’ve made yourself a full-on mini paper world.

The kits are a bit like Lego in their world-building potential, only minus all the plastic. All of the pieces and packaging are made from fully recyclable paper, which makes demolishing your creations a lot less guilt-inducing. You can snag a kit, or six, on Kickstarter now.

A train car made from paper. Cardkit
Trees made from folded paper. Cardkit
Furniture, including a kitchen island, bed, and computer desk, made from paper. Cardkit