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This breezy home feels like an indoor treehouse

And also kind of like a jungle gym

Interior of house with wooden platforms for second-floor circulation and built-in shelving on the back wall. Hey! Cheese

This home in Taiwan is all about intricately crafted layers. Soar Design Studio transformed the loft-like space into an indoor treehouse of sorts thanks to some clever use of platforms and split levels.

The house centers on the ground floor, where an open, window-filled interior stretches from the living room to the kitchen. A set of stairs leads to a series of “floating spaces” that cut across the home like a theater catwalk.

Interior view of a house with concrete floors, large windows, and built-in shelving covering the back wall. A system of raised platforms provides mezzanine-level access. Hey! Cheese

These wooden platforms pull double duty—they function as an overlook to the ground floor and serve as pathways that lead to quiet nooks for reading and private quarters. The upper level dangles from the ceiling like a suspended bridge.

The unusual layout give the space a jungle gym feel, where the residents can see each other and playfully explore different areas of the house without ever feeling totally cut off from the action, wherever that might be.

A wooden platform leads to a private room. Hey! Cheese
An open kitchen with black counters and a wooden table. Living spaces dangle from above. Hey! Cheese