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Ikea gears up for a cozy winter with new holiday collection

It’s all about homey meals and game nights

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A family sitting around dinner table with white dinnerware and black candleholders. Ikea

It’s technically still summer, but Ikea’s mind is already on winter. The retailer just announced Värmer, a new line of winter and holiday-themed goods meant for cozy days spent with friends and family.

Ikea tapped two design teams from different hemispheres—one from Sweden and one from Kenya—to create the line based on their own holiday traditions. “We were curious to see what we have in common and what separates the way we spend the winter holiday season in Kenya and Sweden,” said Mette Nissen, a creative leader at Ikea. As it turns out, according to Nissen, “We do pretty much the same things—we eat, we play games, we hang out together.”

On a table sits various serveware, including a tray with cookies and mugs, and a jar with cooking utensils. A round mirror on the wall has a built-in candle holder in the front. Ikea

As such, Nairobi’s Studio Propolis designed a wide array of objects that include a wooden easy chair, a set of avocado-shaped nesting bowls inspired by the avocado harvest, and a multipurpose game table. Meanwhile, Sarah Fager and Jens Fager of Sweden designed a minimalist battery-powered lantern, a basket to carry wood logs, and a tan floor pouf, among other goods.

Värmer goes on sale in October—just in time for the first fall chill. Take a closer look at the range below.

A black armchair with a curved back and round seat sits in front of a bench with brown accent pillows. Ikea
Three silver candle holders with removable lids sits on a table. Ikea
Curved candle holders lock into each other like a puzzle. Ikea
An overhead shot of a wooden serving tray containing a smaller board of cheese, and small dishes holding grapes, nuts, and crackers. Ikea
Avocado-shaped dishes hold nuts and dried fruits. Ikea
A wooden magazine holder is shaped like a basket with two sides missing. Ikea
Spinning tops sit on a low wooden bench. Ikea