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Modern lake house makes the most of hillside landscape

The Slope House lives up to its name

A boxy modern house with a top floor terrace pokes out of a forest. Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

The Slope House got its name for a reason: The modern home sits on a sharply slanted piece of land two hours outside of Santiago, Chile. Designed by Hsu-Rudolphy, the timber and steel house nestles into the inclined landscape and lets the surroundings dictate its form.

The house stretches outward from the hill as an elongated rectangle, creating a stack of three levels at its deepest and one level at its most narrow. The top floor, which stretches into a slight incline, is home to the living room, kitchen, dining room, and a terrace with a built-in hot tub. Three bedrooms and bathrooms fill the slightly smaller middle floor, while the lowest level is an extra living room with a terrace that opens onto the lake shore.

A frame with wired railing leads to a boxy house made of timber, glass, and steel. Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos
A man walks down a staircase into a wood-paneled room with glass walls looking out to the woods.  Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos

All of the levels feature large glass windows that make the house feel like a giant telescope peering out onto the water. Inside, though, the home is warm and cozy with timber clad walls and clean, modern furnishings.

An open living room, dining room, and kitchen features wood floors, walls, and ceiling, with large full-height glass windows facing trees in the distance. Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos
A bedroom with a window that opens out onto lakefront. Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos
Windows with a lake view open out onto a timber deck with a hot tub. Hsu-Rudolphy Arquitectos