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Modern house in Denmark reinterprets the barn

More chic than rustic

Three pale cedar gab led houses surround a courtyard. Trees line the background. Tina Stephansen

Part rustic, part modern, this home in Denmark is a gorgeous reinterpretation of the barn. Designed by Christoffersen Weiling Architects, the house has three separate cedar-clad structures—a main living area for the owners, a workshop space, and a barn for pets.

The three buildings are arranged into a U-shape with a central courtyard. “In this way, it profits both from the view onto the central courtyard, catching the sun on one side, while the other side opens towards the undulating fields, providing panoramic views over the landscape,” the architects told Dezeen.

This being Denmark, the barn-like structures skew more hygge than hay bail with clean lines, polished concrete floors, and neutral furniture throughout.

An open courtyard features a series of rectilinear planters with flowers and grass. Tina Stephansen
An interior view of the living room and kitchen, featuring a pitched roof, gray sectional, and glass walls on both sides. Tina Stephansen

The main house opens onto an expansive living area where a gabled, sun-drenched living room flows into the kitchen and dining area. This central space separates the bedrooms, which bookend the house and create a sense of privacy. Outside, a stone path leads to a modern, cedar-clad barn where the owners keep their pet falcons. Lucky birds.

In the open living room, the gray sectional faces a full-height wooden wall of cabinetry, featuring a modern fireplace and firewood. Tina Stephansen