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This apartment combines modern and tropical vibes

Modernism downstairs, tropical flair upstairs

Inside a modern apartment living room, a wall of blue shelving holds books and artworks. Light gray sofa and lounge surround a set of four white marble top coffee tables. IS Architecture

Modern or tropical? In this Beijing home you get both. No detail goes undesigned in this apartment crafted by IS Architecture. From the geometric stairway to a rattan-filled laundry room, this photo-ready home balances two distinct styles with ease.

A kitchen island clad in blue tiles stands in the center of an open space. Black and gray stairs are in the background, while sliding glass doors open on the right into more kitchen space. IS Architecture

The three-story penthouse isn’t concerned about aesthetic whiplash. The first floor is outfitted in clean lines and modern furniture, with a plant or two artfully thrown in. The level is swathed in neutral colors, accented by pops of pale blue tiles on the walls and kitchen counter, which create a serene vibe.

An upstairs sitting room features gray tufted seating, rattan armchairs, and large potted plants. IS Architecture

Upstairs, the house does a 180 and adopts a cozier, boho feel with rattan furniture, hanging plants, and natural materials. Even the laundry room follows suit—storage and machines hide behind rattan mesh cabinets. Lots of vases, woven rugs, and plants fill the upstairs space, making it feel like a tropical escape from the downstairs’ staid modernism. Who says you can’t have it both ways?

A bedroom swatched in natural tones, including woven wall decor, boho-style bedding, and gray curtains. IS Architecture
In the laundry room, storage and machines are hidden behind rattan screens. A sink is in the foreground. IS Architecture