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Vintage 1972 camper renovated into an avocado-colored dream

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We’re green with envy

An avocado-colored vintage camper has an over-the-cab sleeping area, cream trim, and a sleek silver plated stripe down the center. Courtesy of Creative Mobile Interiors

We cover a lot of different types of campers and RVs here on Curbed, from tricked-out camper vans to space-age teardrop trailers. Sometimes we come across interesting renovations that catch our eye—like a vintage Airstream restored to its former glory thanks to hard work and an affinity for midcentury design. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Today we’ve ogling a 1972 Chevy camper called “ReRun” that’s been completely reworked by Ohio-based Creative Mobile Interiors (CMI). The ground-up build took approximately 11 months and involved work on “every single crevice of the vehicle,” according to CMI’s website. Although the camper is the same size as the original, it’s 100 percent new construction.

To start, the frame of the camper was removed, rebuilt out of aluminum, and welded by hand. Old cabinets, seating, and flooring had to go, and CMI chose a cream and avocado green color scheme in honor of the camper’s 1970’s vibe.

You enter the camper towards the back of the passenger side, and on the left is a spacious seating area with all new green cushions and windows on three sides sides. Custom skylights brighten up the space, as do shiny upper storage cabinets, and white lower cabinets.

A kitchenette features bamboo countertops, a sink, a microwave, and a full-size refrigerator, while a sleek bathroom offers a shower, additional sink, and toilet. Across from the bathroom is another small couch area, and then above the cab passthrough is a reworked queen bed with large windows on each side.

Other perks in the camper include a state-of-the-art sound system, LED lights, a functional record player, and a smart TV with WiFi. CMI has been taking the camper to shows around Ohio and racking up the accolades; the company is also on-the-hunt for avocado green kitchen supplies from local thrift stores to add to the vintage style.

For our part, we love seeing renovated campers that strike a balance between original charm and modern updates. Plus, who can resist an RV in the perfect shade of 1970s avocado green? For more info, head over here.

The Rerun camper before and after its restoration.
The interior of a vintage camper with wood floors, cream cabinets, bamboo kitchen counters, and a green u-shaped seating area.
A small wet bath in a camper, with a white floor and walls, bamboo countertops, and avocado green cabinets.
The interior of a camper has white cabinets, green accents, wood floors, bamboo countertops, a TV, and a hallway towards the front cab.
The front cab of the camper boasts a green seating area, a pass-through to the driving section, and a queen-size bed above the seats.
The camper has a full-size stainless steel fridge, wood floors, a green bench seat, and white cabinets.