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Modern concrete house embraces greenery and a dash of yellow

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A pleasing combination

A square-shaped concrete house is surrounded by trees and other plants. Leo Espinosa

This house knows how to make the most of a pop of color. Tucked away on a verdant plot of land in Merida, Mexico, Casa del Lago is all neutral tones and concrete, save for a handful of sun yellow doors.

An open living room has high ceilings, a floating staircase, and a bright yellow door. Leo Espinosa

Taller de Arquitectura Contextual (TACO) designed the house as part of a development where all the homes share a pond in the back. The home stretches into a wedge shape and is surrounded by lush greenery that softens the concrete and gives the space a warm, tropical atmosphere.

Concrete is everywhere, from the facade to a polished version on the floors to a burnished concrete stucco plaster on the walls. It’s an interesting play on texture—one material, multiple effects.

An open kitchen has an island on one side, and appliances with wooden cabinetry on the other. Leo Espinosa

The ground floor of the house is where the main living spaces cluster, including the kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, and bathrooms. A double-height ceiling makes space for the loft, which is reached by climbing a floating staircase that’s suspended from the ceiling.

Greenery, of course, can be appreciated from the front of the house to the back, bringing some softness and life to the landscape of concrete.

A bedroom with stucco concrete walls has views to the outside. A bed has bedding with blue, red, and gray colors. Leo Espinosa
A covered area near the living room has a hammock and and plants in rattan baskets. Leo Espinosa