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100-square-foot tiny house designed for indoor-outdoor living

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So many decks for hanging out

A gray tiny house with expansive decks and roof overhang sits amid a forest setting. Jarusha Brown

What can you do with 100 square feet? If this house outside Vancouver is any indication, quite a bit. The tiny home perches on a wooded hill overlooking the city and does more than make do with its limited space.

Trim Studio designed the house for a newlywed couple, who wanted a house that was no more than 100 square feet and 16 feet tall, but had all the typical amenities of a full-sized home. That means a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, and a wood-burning stove.

The kitchen has wooden counters, black cabinetry, and a stainless steel fridge. In the corner, stairs lead to a lofted bedroom. Jarusha Brown
Lofted bedroom has wooden ceilings and a skylight above. A wood-burning stove sits in the corner. Jarusha Brown

The resulting home has cozy wood-clad walls and ceilings, as well as a wall of windows that open onto an expansive deck. A set of stairs next to the kitchen leads to the upstairs bedroom that features a slanted roof and skylight.

The design effectively doubles the cabin’s livable space with four deck areas—one for grilling, one for showering, one for lounging, and another for soaking in a built-in hot tub.

A wooden deck with built-in hot tub overlooks a forest and water views. Jarusha Brown
A tiny house with lights on inside and on its roof glows amid a forest setting. A separate deck with a hot tub is also lit up by string lights. Jarusha Brown