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This pastel wonderland is actually a school

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Forget about fluorescent lighting and linoleum, the Blossom School is in on all the design trends

Classroom with green, pink walls, gray tables and chairs, and terrazzo floors. Dick Liu

Ball pits and slides aren’t just architectural fodder for Silicon Valley’s Peter Pan set. Don’t forge they’re perfectly suited to actual children too. And at this candy-colored learning center in Chengdu, China, they’re put to excellent use.

Hong Kong studio Karv One Design crafted the gorgeously adorable Blossom School inside the sales offices of property developer Fantasia Holdings. Inspired by the aesthetics of children’s story books, the space is full of whimsical yet on-trend details like curved walls, pastel colors, terrazzo, and soft, round shapes.

Children riding pale yellow slide into ball pit of light blue balls. The ground is green while the walls are light pink. Dick Liu

Kids are greeted by a giant white-washed, wrought-iron sculpture backlit by a curtain of pastel colors. The space is split into eight terrazzo-floored classrooms, a music room, and a cafeteria filled with soft-hued furniture and backdrop of paper flowers. But the main attraction is the pink-walled playroom where a large slide leads to a pool of light blue balls.

The school entrance features white-frame sculpture and multi-colored pastel walls in the back. Dick Liu

The attention to detail here is pretty remarkable—even the toilets, with their arched blue frames and backlighting, are photo-worthy.

A bathroom with light blue arches framing individual stalls with toilets. A blue countertop has two sinks with two round mirrors above. Dick Liu
A cafe features pink and yellow chairs against a cream backdrop. Dick Liu
Children in room with stage, white chairs, and golden wall treatment in the back. Dick Liu