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Green-roof house becomes one with the landscape

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You can walk on the roof

The house has a section with a pitched green roof. Paweł Ulatowski

Some homes blend into the landscape—others become part of the land itself, like this modern house in Poland. Warsaw-based firm Mobius Architects embraced the natural topography of the land when designing the house; instead of leveling the plot, they nestled the house into a sharp hill, even going as far as transforming part of the roof into a grass-topped peak.

A flat level of the home has glass walls fronting the living space, while its green roof rises into a peak. Paweł Ulatowski

The house bends into an C-shape as the first floor lays flush with the lowest part of the plot, while the green roof angles into a gabled form atop the hill. A grass-covered concrete slab extends from the upper level, connecting all of the home’s sides and creating the effect of a sunken courtyard with a patio and lawn encased by windows.

At the center of a grassy landscape is a sunken courtyard, which leads to glass walls enclosing living spaces lit up during dusk. Paweł Ulatowski

An illuminated concrete stairway in the central courtyard climbs up the hill and leads to the green roof, which looks like a lovely place to take an evening stroll. The stairs are also a shortcut to the second story of the house—a clever architectural trick that reminds us the house bends to the will of the land, not the other way around.

A sunken courtyard has access to glass-walled living areas on the right while concrete stairs on the left lead to the second floor of the house. Paweł Ulatowski