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Luxury off-grid travel trailer is like an ultra-modern Airstream

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220 square feet of meticulous design and style

An aluminum travel trailer features a drop-down patio, stairs to an open door, and a shade awning. All photos courtesy of Living Vehicle

Peruse your Instagram feeds and it might seem like #VanLife has taken over, but one type of RV continues to maintain popularity, year after year: the travel trailer. Maybe it’s because of iconic brands like Airstream, or perhaps it’s because trailers come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, but the travel trailer reigns supreme when it comes to the North American RV industry. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Still, there aren’t many brands designing travel trailers in new or unique ways. One company that stands out is Santa Barbara-based Living Vehicle. We’ve covered Living Vehicle a few times since their debut in 2017. As the brainchild of Hofmann Architecture—a firm that specializes in custom Airstreams—Living Vehicle worked to design an off-the-grid camper trailer that incorporates sleek, modern design with practical amenities.

This week, Living Vehicle debuted a brand new version of its signature trailer, the 2020 series. Think of it as a modern take on the iconic Airstream trailer, especially because it now features an 100 percent aluminum structure.

Although previous versions could stay off-the-grid for weeks, this trailer is designed for full-time living. It’s meant to be a net-zero vehicle—with no energy in, and no water or waste out. To accomplish this, the trailer operates on an automotive-grade lithium battery system and 200 percent more solar power than its previous model. The 2020 model also boasts new features like an an air conditioning unit that can run off of solar, a more powerful inverter, better insulation, and more storage.

The 2020 series measures 220 square feet (just slightly larger than the previous model) and sleeps four or six. A master bedroom holds a queen-size cool-touch 10-inch memory-foam mattress, skylight, and home theater system. A dining lounge can be rearranged to create another queen in the living room, and you can also add a “Euro Loft” option—a full-size bunk that lowers from the dining room ceiling when needed.

Adjacent to the dining room area is an expansive kitchen with an all-electric solar refrigerator, dishwasher, pull-out microwave, and the option for a three-burner oven and cooktop. A removable cooking island can be placed outside on the platform deck when needed, and an optional stainless steel BBQ is also available. The bathroom area features a 36 inch by 36 inch wet-dry walnut shower with a rainfall shower, toilet, and an airy skylight that brings the outdoors in.

In fact, in many ways Living Vehicle’s use of oversized windows, skylights, and an eight-foot sliding glass door is what makes the trailer stand out. That and the awesome deck area that is rated for 1,500 pounds and can be used to cook, lounge, or even do yoga. Other options include a washer-drier combo, a central vacuum system, and a four-season extreme package to help the trailer handle temperatures ranging from 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a retail price of $199,000, the Living Vehicle is without a doubt a high-end purchase, and the company plans to produce only 25 of the 2020 models, according to Dwell. But unlike other RVs, it offers both the amenities and the power capabilities to function as a full-time residence. Throw in a healthy dose of light-filled design (with nary an RV swoop in sight) and this trailer hits all the right boxes for a luxury-minded buyer.

The interior of the trailer features an eight-foot sliding glass door on the left, a sink and kitchen area on the right, and a lounge area with cushions and two chairs in the rear.
The newly redesigned lounge area maximizes on windows.
The trailer’s wooden dining room table and bench seat sits in front of an eight-foot sliding glass door with access out to the patio.
The Living Vehicle’s eight-foot sliding glass door opens to a spacious deck.
A look into the kitchen area, with lounge seating on the left and a kitchen with gray cabinets, white countertops, an island, and large windows.
Long windows over the kitchen area add light while overhead cabinets maximize storage.
Walnut-finished wood planks on the floor and wall of a shower area contrasts with white panels and a skylight over the shower.
The extra-tall shower area is over seven feet in height, making the shower feel spacious.
A bathroom with a white toilet, gray cabinets, a glass bowl sink, mirrors, and walnut flooring.
The Living Vehicle’s bathroom is more spacious than some New York apartments.
A white bed sits between windows on either wall, a washer and dryer, and a walnut-finished closet for clothes.
The master bedroom fits a queen bed, washer and dryer, and a closet.