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Our wishlist for Target’s 20th Anniversary Collection of designer collabs

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What to buy—and when

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Top view of a tableware spread featuring items with black and white patterns.
Marimekko for Target.

Okay, Target fans—if you’ve been waiting for Target’s 20th Anniversary Collection of designer reissues, this is the weekend to get ready and shop. The collection, which launches tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, will bring back some 300 items from 20 years of collaborations with brands like Marimekko, John Derian, Missoni, and Lilly Pulitzer. While tons of clothing and accessories will be in high demand, we’re of course also eyeing the dozens of affordable home items that will be perfect for a fall decor refresh.

Wondering how best to shop the launch? We have some answers.

What time does the collection launch?

The collection officially goes live on Saturday, September 14, in stores and online. If it’s anything like Target’s most buzzed-about collaborations in years past, it’ll draw major crowds in stores as soon as they open on Saturday. For online shopping, that means preparing to shop early in the morning. And if you’re dead set on picking up specific items, you’ll want to start checking the website after midnight—or as early as you’re willing to stay up—or wake up—to shop products as soon as they go live.

How do I shop it online?

Things are expected to sell out fast online so it’s best to go in with a plan of what you really want to score (we have some ideas below!). Target’s website lets you “favorite” items so you can add them to cart as soon as the collection launches. Since home items are easy to purchase online (they tend to be lower priced and won’t require figuring out sizing), you’ll definitely want to have your list ready.

What should I buy?

Ah, the fun part! While 20 designer collabs will be coming back, the ones below have some of the best offerings for the home.

Note: The “Buy” buttons in the widgets below link to current product pages for the items, which will become available for purchase online on September 14.

Michael Graves (1999 - 2013)

As Target’s original designer collaborator, the late architect and PoMo pioneer Michael Graves paved the way for bringing elevated home goods to the masses.

Philippe Starck (2002)

Prolific French designer Philippe Starck has created everything from architecture and e-bikes to furniture and, well, elegant drinkware for children.

John Derian (2008, 2010)

If you love natural wonders and an antique feel, John Derian’s artful home accessories will make inspiring picks this season.

Missoni (2011)

The iconic zigzags of Italian fashion and lifestyle brand Missoni make stylish accents at home.

Lilly Pulitzer (2015)

Party time beckons with these sunny designs from popular preppy lifestyle brand Lilly Pulitzer.

Marimekko (2016)

The cult Finnish design brand is beloved for its vivacious colors and patterns, and its Target collaboration is a good chance to bring the joyful style home on a budget.