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Go-anywhere camper trailer pops up for more space

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A new trailer from Opus tows small and then pops and slides to live large

A black and gray overland travel trailer features a pull-out fridge, a slide-out outdoors kitchen with stove and sink, and a pop-up roof. The camper sits in an open field with a cloudy sky. Photos courtesy of Opus Campers

There’s a wide array of options in the world of camper trailers, from iconic “silver bullet” Airstreams to spaceship-like teardrops. But one category of trailers has been picking up steam in the industry: burly, off-road rigs meant for exploring. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

While these off-road trailers can’t compare to the toughest overland trucks, they can tackle a surprising amount of gnarly terrain. The latest off-road trailer to hit the market comes from the innovators at Opus Camper. We’ve reported on Opus in the past, most notably their Air Opus trailer system that includes a pop-up tent that inflates in 90 seconds.

Now, Opus has created their first full-size, hard-sided camper. Called the Opus OP 15, the new trailer blends off-road capabilities with amenities for a family. It’s also expandable, designed with a pop-up top for extra headroom in a way that’s similar to Safari Condo’s Alto R Series trailer. This means that while you’re towing the Opus OP 15, you have a low-roof, compact, 15-foot trailer. But once you get to camp you have plenty of room inside.

The trailer is set up for families thanks to a king-size bed on one side and twin bunk beds on the other. A full bathroom boasts a shower, sink, and chemical toilet, and bamboo shelving allows for plenty of storage space. A leatherette dining area provides a place to sit inside, and on-demand hot water, a heater, and built-in air conditioning come standard.

Realizing that many campers prefer cooking outside, the Opus OP 15 foregoes an interior kitchen for a practical outdoor set up. A large external fridge and freezer slides out from the side while a slide-out stainless steel kitchen features a stove top, sink, storage, shopping board, prep deck, and pantry access.

The entire system is powered by three 100ah AGM batteries linked to a 300-watt solar system. An articulating hitch, galvanized steel chassis, and twin shock absorbers give the trailer off-road cred, while other perks include LED lighting and USB plugs. A curb weight of 4,960 pounds means that this isn’t a lightweight trailer, but instead is a full-featured off-road rig that can go wherever you want to go. Interested? The camper starts at $45,000 and you can see more in the video, below.

A side view of the trailer, with a closer look at the stainless steel stovetop, prep station, pull-out fridge, and an open door looking inside.
A stainless steel kitchen and stove top pulls out from the side of a gray and black trailer, and a flip-down table provides a space to prep food.
A Dometic fridge sits on a slide-out frame on the trailer. The fridge is gray with a white top and one section for freezer items.

The gray and black trailer sits in a camping field with a picnic table, fire pit, and blue skies above.