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2020 Election

2020 Election

Coverage of the 2020 presidential election—housing, infrastructure, and transportation take center stage.

Bernie Sanders said the U.S. should provide housing for all. Coronavirus proved he was right.

The presidential candidate championed a universal right to shelter when the country needed it most.

Protesters interrupt Biden rally over housing issues

The chant: "Joe Biden doesn’t have a housing plan for me!"

In Biden vs. Sanders race, two differing visions for housing

How the U.S. addresses its affordability crisis will be determined by Democratic primary voters.

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Office space, retail vacancies, and seismic upgrades: the 2020 Curbed SF voter guide

A cheat sheet for residents casting votes in the March 3 primary election.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on housing

The affordable housing shortage has made housing policy center stage in the 2020 election.

Low-income renters are struggling. Here’s how Democrats plan to help them.

Presidential candidates have proposed massive investments in the National Housing Trust Fund—but what is it?

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California’s Proposition 13 schools bond, explained

What it is, who’s for it, and who’s against it.

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SF’s Proposition B earthquake bond, explained

What it is, who’s for it, and who’s against it.

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SF’s Proposition E office building cap, explained

What it is, who’s for it, and who’s against it.

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SF’s Proposition D vacancy tax, explained

What it is, who’s for it, and who’s against it.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on transportation

Michael Bloomberg’s new plan focusing on walking, biking, and transit raises the bar for candidates.

Bloomberg’s transportation plan envisions walkable, transit-rich neighborhoods

"One part of the plan that’s really important is getting people out of cars," says advisor Janette Sadik-Khan.

What the housing debate misses when all the candidates onstage are white

In this country, race still influences where and how you live. The Democratic debate lost the voices that can explain why.

How Democratic candidates are trying to woo Midwest cities

From housing to transportation, issues confronting the nation are surfacing in the Heartland.

Where’s Joe Biden’s housing plan?

In a dwindling field, Biden is the only Democratic presidential contender without a housing platform.

Mayor Pete unveils $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Buttigieg’s proposal focuses on opportunity, equity, and empowerment.

Where the Democratic candidates stand on climate policy

A key issue for 2020, finally with comprehensive plans.

With Castro out, which Democratic candidate will stand up for housing?

The former HUD secretary was a vocal advocate for addressing housing costs.

Free transit isn’t enough. Transportation needs to be a right.

Candidates are proposing universal health care and universal free college—what about universal transportation access?

California’s issues could set the agenda for tonight’s Democratic debate

Homelessness, housing affordability, and tech regulations are challenges facing the state and the nation

Housing should be funded like infrastructure. Now Congress has a plan for that

New bills and this week’s Democratic debate address the affordable housing crisis.

Would a universal basic income help you make rent?

The idea has gained momentum, but its effect on housing is hard to game out.

Elizabeth Warren updates housing plan with focus on renters

Tenant protections and public housing improvements highlight an addition to an already robust housing plan.

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Bernie Sanders accuses Apple of starting California housing crisis

But the senator fails to call out cities not doing their part.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on environmental justice

Making polluters pay for hurting the most vulnerable Americans.

Rent control is making a comeback. Does it work?

Rent control is gaining momentum among 2020 election candidates, but its effects are mixed.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio ends his presidential campaign

This long-shot quest for the Democratic presidential nomination is over.

Bernie Sanders says ‘housing must be a right’ with $2.5 trillion plan

Announced during a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Saturday, the proposal Includes national rent control, community land trust, and housing assistance as an entitlement.

How the Homes Guarantee proposal could make housing a right

Progressive political coalition wants to make green, affordable housing a right, and de-commodify housing market.

Candidates, it’s time to talk about housing

Affordable housing advocates are hoping the topic takes center stage at tonight’s debate.

Hey Elizabeth Warren, lightbulbs do matter

The candidate downplayed energy-efficient lightbulbs during this week’s climate town hall, but switching to LEDs has indeed helped reduce U.S. household energy demand.

Only one candidate is talking seriously about transportation. Everyone should be

It’s not just our fossil fuel dependence that needs to be addressed, it’s our car dependence.

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What’s wrong with the climate town hall being held at Hudson Yards?

The Manhattan megadevelopment was designed to be green, but the overall success of Hudson Yards as a sustainable community has been widely criticized

Bernie Sanders has a $16 trillion plan to avert climate disasters

Sanders has revealed the most ambitious climate proposal of any presidential candidate—a $16.3 trillion plan that will create 20 million jobs while decarbonizing the country’s energy and transportation sectors by 2030.

Americans spend too much money on housing. Why aren’t the candidates talking about it?

The topic has barely come up in the presidential debates, but it’s one of the biggest issues we face as a country

School busing’s lasting legacy on cities

Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Joe Biden’s debate resurrects a long-standing issue for U.S. cities.

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The real winner of the Democratic debates? The Fox Theatre

The Art Deco masterpiece is getting rave reviews from visitors around the country.

Will the candidates talk housing and transportation at the next Democratic debates?

The candidates face off Tuesday and Wednesday in Detroit.

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Everything you need to know about the Democratic debates in Detroit

How to watch, who’s on stage, and what to expect.