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2020 Election

2020 Election

Coverage of the 2020 presidential election—housing, infrastructure, and transportation take center stage.

Amy Klobuchar just released a housing plan. Here’s what’s in it

It’s sweeping in scope, but scant on details

Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren want to force cities to adopt YIMBY policies. Can they?

They have plans to try, but it’s unclear how effective they’d be.

Despite hype, Democrats don’t address housing at presidential debates

What crisis?

Trump wants to deregulate local zoning. Housing advocates are skeptical

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a professed YIMBY, will chair a council to study exclusionary land-use laws

Democrats are proposing a renters tax credit. Would it help or hurt renters?

It’s become a key component of Democratic housing plans, but experts say it could drive rents up further.

Affordable housing for minimum wage workers doesn’t exist

In 99 percent of U.S. counties, minimum wage can’t get you an affordable one-bedroom rental.

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In Bill de Blasio’s New York, buses and safe streets play second fiddle to parking

As New York City’s mayor seeks a promotion to the highest office in the land, it’s worth exploring his approach to how we get around

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Bill de Blasio is running for president: New Yorkers react


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Mayor Bill de Blasio is running for president

De Blasio, who is in his final term as mayor, made the announcement after months of uncertainty

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Joe Biden taps Philly for presidential campaign headquarters

A campaign kickoff rally will be held Saturday at the Art Museum.

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How Bill de Blasio’s housing record stacks up to his ‘working people’ platform

Housing issues have dogged New York City’s mayor since day one of his administration

How Mayor Pete used good urbanism to revitalize South Bend

Behind the Rust Belt renaissance overseen by the Dem hopeful is a focus on placemaking and development policies.