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23 cheap (but expensive-looking) desk accents

...that you can buy on Amazon

Yellow collage of desk accessories like a stapler, lamp, and mailholder. Vendors

Stocking up on desk accessories generally doesn’t rank high on the priority list. But in our opinion, it should: Most Americans spend some 40 hours a week sitting at office desks, which tend to be situated under grim fluorescent lights, framed by grim, gray separators. Is a USB-powered humidifier that looks like a succulent going to change that fact? No. Will it improve it? A little, we tend to think!

A potted plant with white flowers sits on a round white table.

While some living plants can do well in offices, a simple silk orchid like this one is foolproof and mess-free. We like that it comes with a white vase, so you don’t need to worry about finding a pot.

Gray cylindrical container has a cactus-shaped part up top.

Or for the succulent fans out there, the aforementioned USB-powered humidifier.

Desktop scene features a laptop, pencil holder, wood clock with black base, and a jar with dried flowers.

Besides giving it a design-y look, we’d like to think that this clock’s curved edges and subdued design help contribute to a more relaxing workday.

White house-shaped tissue box cover.

A whimsical tissue-box cover to make you smile, even when there’s a cold going around the office.

Desk lamp in wood and black.

This matte-black–and–wood guy would be great for brightening (and sprucing) up a windowless cubicle.

A set of three cream colored vases with light brown marks.

Three ceramic vases for under $25, in case someone sends real flowers.

A gray and wood box has a slot for a pencil to stand straight up.

This compact memo pad with a built-in pencil holder will save space and keep everything you need to jot notes in one place.

White container with slot for holding cards.

Give that stack of business cards a proper home. This can hold up to 90 cards.

Stapler in green and silver.

This little, all-steel whale stapler is made in Cologno Monzese, Italy.

Scissors with transparent handles and gold shears.

We love the Lucite handles on these brass Poketo scissors.

Yellow mechanical pen.

The most cheerful ballpoint pen. For other options, check out our extremely in-depth ranking of 100 pens.

Black wired notebook with orange text on cover.

And the perfect (gridded) notebook to test it out in. (This one made the top ten in our list of the 100 best notebooks.)

Gold pencil sharpener.

This classy little brass pencil sharpener comes with a small genuine leather case.

White container with green text and salt inside.

A lunchtime essential: desk-sized tins of Maldon, the best salt ever.

M-shaped concrete volume.

This little concrete guy will keep your chargers and headphones from tangling.

Wooden accessory with slots for mail and files.

A real upgrade from those drab metal ones.

Transparent file folder with colored tabs on white dividers.

Or if you’re more of a Lucite-type person.

Tabletop accessory holder with two levels.

And for storing all your little tchotchkes and random items that don’t quite know where to go, we love this minimalist desktop unit from Yamazaki Home. It’s made from steel and wood.

Three-level accessory holder with round bowls.

If you want something a bit less expensive and with an even smaller footprint, this three-tiered jewelry organizer fits the bill.

Blue and white tray with geometric patterns.

Or if you just want a nice-looking to tray to dump everything into.

Calendar hangs above a desk.

A pleasantly uncluttered desktop calendar that can also be fastened to the wall.

Two lime green bookends.

Bookends are actually kind of fun when they’re bright green.

Wooden stand holds up a smartphone.

So your phone can have its own little stand.