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New modular prefabs designed to be backyard homes

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kitHAUS introduces larger models that cater to the booming ADU market

Boxy home with partially covered porch and sliding glass doors. kitHAUS

As rules and regulations around accessory dwelling units (ADUs) loosen in states like California, there’s also been an uptick in ADU-friendly prefab home options.

kitHAUS, for example, a prefab builder that has long offered small, design-savvy backyard shelters used for everything from guesthouses to offices to yoga rooms, recently unveiled an expanded line with larger designs that are more suited to serve as backyard homes.

The k7, k8, and k9 series range from 388 to 491 square feet. They’re all built from a similar DNA—anodized aluminum framing, structural insulated panels are arranged into clean, boxy forms, and neutral interiors with shiplap walls, big spans of windows, and birch plywood or bamboo flooring. However, the modules (measuring 4-by-8-feet or 4-by-10-feet) that compose the home can be custom-arranged to a customer’s liking.

The new series starts at $86,000 for a k7 unit with a single large room and no bathroom and goes up to $123,000 for a k9 unit with a bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Living room with large windows, white walls, and bamboo flooring. kitHAUS
Living room with shiplap walls, wood floors, and large glass windows. kitHAUS
Exterior of prefab home in a yard. kitHAUS
Bedroom with washer and dryer built into closet. kitHAUS